Covid Reminder email, 11/13/20

Dear Friends and Families,

As we approach a new threshold in Covid infections I want to reiterate the Suzuki School’s approach to safety and ask for you to be vigilant. We want to keep in person teaching!

While many schools are experiencing cases among teachers and students I am pleased to report that the Suzuki Schools have had no infections to date. Of course this does not make us immune! Suzuki families come from far and wide across the state and while we are taking every precaution we need your help.

– do not come to class if you or any one in your family are feeling under the weather.

– asymptomatic infection is possible and how you feel is not always the best indicator of health.

– if the possibility of exposure exists in your school, in a parent’s workplace or other social circle, do not come to class

– please follow the state guidelines on quarantining after travel

– please test if you are in a high risk area and remember that not all tests are equal

All of these measures do not stop you from taking classes online for a short period but they can help us to keep in person teaching a reality for all. Beyond following the recommended guidelines for health and safety – Quick Response, Testing and Contact Tracing remain our number one tools. We recommend you consider using the CT Contact Tracing App on your mobile device but beyond that sharing your situation with our team is essential.

If you have any information to share please contact all of the following in a group email

  •  your teacher,
  • Sarah Smale:
  • myself:

Information helps us keep our community safe and is a wonderful form of appreciation for the work of our faculty and staff. warm regards Dr. Andrew

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